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Back-to-School Sleep Tips for Kids

Sep 01, 2023
Back-to-School Sleep Tips for Kids
When your kids return to school, it means getting back into a routine, including sleep habits. We offer some tips on how to promote healthy sleep hygiene here.

Summer is a time that’s free of routine. Between vacations, family gatherings, and other fun summer activities, staying on any schedule is challenging. Because of this, your kids’ bedtime routines might have changed, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as you think about putting them back into a routine as the school year begins.

Fortunately, our team, led by Min Jung, MD, at Sunny Hill Pediatrics, located in Frisco, Texas, is here to help. In this blog, we offer some handy tips on introducing healthy sleep hygiene into your kids’ lives as school returns to session.

Create a predictable bedtime pattern

School-age kids need about 9-12 hours of sleep to thrive. To ensure they’re getting that amount of sleep, your child needs to go to bed at the same hour every night. The same goes for their wake-up time. 

They should also have the same routine before going to bed. That lets their brain know it’s time to wind down and get ready to sleep. 

About an hour before they need to go to bed, encourage them to participate in quiet play before doing other pre-bedtime activities, such as bathing, brushing their teeth, and reading a story before climbing into bed. 

Make a comfortable sleep environment

To help your child’s brain turn off and allow them to fall asleep quickly and easily, create an encouraging environment. That can be done by making sure their bed has soft sheets, their room has darkening curtains, and their room is peaceful, quiet, and at a reasonable temperature.

Ensure their room is free of screens, especially two hours before bedtime, since that blue light can overstimulate their brains. In addition, avoid letting pets sleep in their bedrooms because furry friends can move around a lot at night and disturb their much-needed rest.

Encourage healthy habits

Eating a nutritious diet and being active outside can do wonders for your child’s health and sleep habits. Don’t let your child have caffeine, and avoid eating foods that are fatty and high in sugar, especially right before bedtime. 

If your child spends lots of quality time exercising outdoors — preferably a minimum of 60 minutes — their body will be more tired and apt to get a good night’s rest. 

What to do when your child isn’t getting quality sleep

If you suspect your child isn’t getting enough sleep due to an illness or a sleeping disorder, bring them in to see us so we can evaluate them and create a treatment plan to aid their sleep. 

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