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Newborn Care: What Every New and Expecting Mother Should Know

May 01, 2024
Newborn Care: What Every New and Expecting Mother Should Know
Expecting a new baby is exciting. However, if you’re a little nervous, you’re not alone. There’s a lot that goes into caring for a newborn. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Get helpful tips about newborn care essentials here.

Are you expecting? Congratulations! Throwing gender reveals, decorating the nursery, and buying cute clothes are all fun ways to prepare for your baby’s arrival. However, one of the most important aspects is understanding how to care for your newborn.

From feeding and sleep routines to diapering and more, there's much to consider. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! Min Jung, MD, and our team at Sunny Hill Pediatrics offer comprehensive care for babies and children, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Here are some of the essentials of newborn care that every new and expecting mother should know.

Newborn feeding basics

Feeding your newborn is a priority from day one. Newborn babies should eat every 2-4 hours, for a total of about 8 to 12 feeds in a 24-hour period.

Whether you choose breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combination, making sure your baby receives proper nutrition is essential. Breastfeeding offers numerous health benefits for both you and your baby, including antibodies that help protect against illness and bonding time that fosters emotional connection.

However, if breastfeeding isn't feasible for you, formula feeding is a perfectly healthy alternative. Our team is here to support you on your feeding journey and address any concerns or challenges you encounter along the way.

Newborn sleep basics

Sleep is another essential aspect of newborn care, albeit one that often feels elusive in the early days. Newborns typically sleep for short stretches throughout the day and night, waking up frequently for feeding and comfort.

While there’s not much you can do to make your baby sleep longer stretches at first, establishing a bedtime routine can help signal to your baby that it's time to rest. 

Our team is here to help you and your baby get the best possible sleep, and we can help you troubleshoot those frustrating sleepless nights.

Always follow safe sleep practices whenever you put your baby to sleep. Create a safe sleep environment by placing your baby on their back alone in their bed with no loose bedding or toys.

Newborn diapering basics

Diapering seems like a daunting task for many new parents, but with a little practice, you'll become a pro in no time. Keep plenty of diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream on hand. If you have a multi-story house, consider setting up a diaper changing area on each floor for convenience.

And don't be surprised by the frequency of diaper changes — newborns can go through as many as 10 diapers or even more in a day! If you have questions, our pediatric team can provide guidance on proper diapering techniques and offer recommendations for preventing and treating diaper rash.

Your baby’s first doctor visits

Now, let's talk about what to expect at your baby's first doctor appointment. Your baby will likely have their first check-up while you’re in the hospital. Then, you will need to bring them into the office within a few days after being discharged from the hospital. 

These initial visits are an opportunity for us to establish the transition of care from the hospital to our office, monitor your baby's growth and development, address any concerns, and offer guidance on newborn care. Frequent check-ups in the first weeks and months help ensure your baby is thriving and meeting essential milestones.

We weigh your baby at each appointment, measure their length and head circumference, and perform a physical examination to assess their overall health. We'll also discuss feeding, sleep patterns, and diapering and cover any questions or concerns.

New parents learn a lot very quickly when it comes to caring for their newborn, and these visits are an excellent opportunity for you to get personalized support from our experienced pediatric team.

We’re here to help you feel more confident and prepared to welcome your little one into the world. To learn more about newborn care appointments and what to expect once your baby is born, please call our office in Frisco, Texas, at 469-530-9860 or request an appointment online now.