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The Importance of Getting Your Kids Flu Shots Early

Oct 10, 2023
The Importance of Getting Your Kids Flu Shots Early
While you can get your child’s flu shot anytime during flu season, the earlier, the better. Find out more about the importance of early flu vaccines here.

Flu season is almost here. That means now is the time to vaccinate your kids against influenza. Influenza is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. It causes symptoms such as a sore throat, sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, fever, headaches, and fatigue. Experts agree that getting a flu shot is the best way to protect your child against the flu and complications that can arise from it. 

In fact, the CDC states that getting a flu shot reduces your risk of developing the virus by 40-60%. Not only can it reduce your risk of getting the flu, but it also decreases the chances of hospitalization by 26% and death by 31%.

While flu season tends to peak in winter, the CDC recommends that children receive their flu vaccine in September or October. Min Jung, MD, and the rest of our team at Sunny Hill Pediatrics, located in Frisco, Texas, offer flu shots. We want you to understand why vaccinating your child sooner rather than later is best for their health and safety.

Why your child needs their flu shot early

The flu vaccine prompts your child’s immune system to create antibodies to fight viral invaders effectively. The flu shot takes about two weeks to develop the right amount of antibodies. 

The flu shot is most effective for the first three months after it’s administered. Flu season starts in October and goes through May, but it peaks in December through March. However, it’s more likely that your child will be exposed before these peak months. That is why giving their little bodies plenty of time to prepare to fight the virus is so important.

Who should be getting a flu shot?

If your child is younger than six months, they should not get the flu shot. However, all children older than six months are highly encouraged to be vaccinated. Children between the ages of six months and eight years may need two doses for it to be most effective if it is their first year of getting the flu vaccine. 

It’s essential to vaccinate your child if they have an underlying health condition, such as asthma, lung disease, heart problems, a weakened immune system, or other chronic illnesses that put them at high risk for flu complications.

If you haven’t had your child vaccinated against the flu yet this year, don’t wait to bring them for their flu shot. To schedule an appointment with our team, call us at 469-530-9860 or use our online booking tool today.